The 15 Best Las Vegas Festivals (by Locals!) for 2023 (2023)

Hailing from Las Vegas and using my insider perspective, I've compiled a list of the absolute best festivals in our vibrant city!

Las Vegas is known for its dazzling lights, bustling casinos and extravagant shows, but did you know that it is also home to unforgettable Las Vegas festivals? Sin City offers a wealth of experiences, from music to food and art to unique events. Immerse yourself in the world of festivals in Las Vegas and discover which ones you should not miss in 2023!

A brief summary

  • Experience itgreat music, Food and Arts Festivals in Las Vegas 2023!
  • Go wild with metal, punk andelectronic performances at EDC Las Vegas& punk rock bowling.
  • Celebrate freedom at the Juneteenth Festival, treat yourself at the Greek Food Festival, taste beer at Brew's Best or the Great American Foodie Fest!



Music festivals to remember

The 15 Best Las Vegas Festivals (by Locals!) for 2023 (1)

Get ready to dance, head bang and sing alongAmazing music festivals in Las Vegas! With a diverse range of events, there is something for everyone. From the electrifying beats of EDC Las Vegas to the nostalgic tunes of Lovers & Friends and When We Were Young, Las Vegas has your musical tastes covered.

Unleash your inner rocker at Psycho Las Vegas and Punk Rock Bowling, where you'll find an adrenaline-pumping mix of metal, punk and hardcore tunes. Regardless of your genre, these music festivals are guaranteed to leave unforgettable memories and renew your respect for the artists who made them possible.

Electronic Dance Extravaganza: EDC Las Vegas

Experience the electric energy of EDC Las Vegas, a multi-day, multi-stage festival May 19-21 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This dazzling event features an extensive list of performers, futuristic neon lights, art cars and rides that last from dusk to dawn.

As one of the best music festivals in Las Vegas, EDC is a must-see for fans of electronic dance music. So grab your friends and jump into the exciting world of EDC!

Rockin' Weekends: Psycho Las Vegas i Punk Rock Bowling

For those looking for more intense music, Psycho Las Vegas and Punk Rock Bowling are the perfect festivals to satisfy your rock 'n' roll needs. Psycho Las Vegas has an intense line-up of metal, punk and hardcore acts, while Punk Rock Bowling energizes with punk rock and ska performances.

Both events showcase the raw power and talent of their respective genres, making them essential stops for music lovers who love loud and wild music.

Nostalgic melodies: Lovers and friends and When we were young

Take a trip down memory lane to Lovers & Friends and When We Were Young music festivals. Taking place May 6 at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds, Lovers & Friends is a hip-hop and R&B extravaganza featuring 45 acts including Mariah Carey, 50 Cent and Usher.

Meanwhile, When We Were Young, which takes place on June 10, features a line-up of over 50 rock and indie acts including The Killers, The Strokes and The Black Keys. Don't miss the chance to relive your favorite music and create new memories at these nostalgic events.

Cultural festivals

The 15 Best Las Vegas Festivals (by Locals!) for 2023 (2)

Las Vegas is also home to vibrant cultural festivalsbring communities togetherthrough music, food and entertainment. Experience a wealth of cultures at the Juneteenth Festival, Feast of San Gennaro and Las Vegas Greek Food Festival, where you'll find a diverse selection of traditional dishes, live performances and fun activities for the whole family.

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These events offer a unique opportunity to get to know the customs and traditions of different cultures while enjoying a lively atmosphere. So if you want to expand your horizons and enjoy delicious food, don't miss these amazing cultural celebrations!

June festival

Commemorate the end of slavery in the United States at the annual Juneteenth Festival, a free community cultural music festival featuring music, dance and food. This vibrant Las Vegas event recognizes the historical importance of Juneteenth while celebrating the diversity and unity of the community.

Join the celebration and enjoy the spirit of freedom and togetherness.


Get a taste of Italy at the San Gennaro Festival, the largest celebration of Italian food and music in honor of Saint Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples, Italy. Held every two years in Las Vegas, this lively event features traditional Italian cuisine, live music and fun for the whole family.

There are also thrill rides, games and other attractions to keep everyone entertained. So immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and tastes of Italy at this unforgettable celebration.

Greek Food Festival in Las Vegas

Enjoy the flavors of Greece at the Las Vegas Greek Food Festival, a three-day event held in September at the Greek Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist. With traditional Greek dishes such as gyros, souvlaki, spanakopita and baklava, your taste buds will be transported to the Mediterranean.

In addition to delicious food, there is live music, traditional Greek dancing and fun rides for children. Don't miss this incredible celebration of Greek culture and cuisine.

Temptations of tasters

The 15 Best Las Vegas Festivals (by Locals!) for 2023 (3)

Take your taste buds on a culinary adventure at Las Vegas' delicious food and drink festivals. From Brew's Best and the Great Vegas Festival of Beer to the Great American Foodie Fest and the Las Vegas Food and Wine Festival, you'll find plenty of delicious options to satisfy your cravings.

Discover new flavors and taste your favorites as you explore the diverse offerings of these amazing events. With live entertainment, interactive experiences and a welcoming atmosphere, you'll find more than good food and drink at these unforgettable festivals.

Brew's Best i Great Vegas Beer Festival

If you're a craft beer fan, Brew's Best and the Great Vegas Festival of Beer are for you. Taste the best creations of local and regional breweries and enjoy delicious food and live entertainment.

Brew's is beer. Best is an amazing beer festival. It is organized by New Vista, a non-profit organization that supports people of all ages with disabilities. Meanwhile, the Great Vegas Festival of Beer is an all-day event featuring craft breweries, food, karaoke and a silent disco.

Raise a glass and toast the best beer at these sensational events.

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The Great American Food Festival

Satisfy your hunger at the Great American Foodie Fest, a food festival that brings together food trucks, restaurants and specialty vendors from across the country. With a selection of delicious dishes, from gourmet hamburgers to international cuisine, there is something for every palate.

So collect yoursfriends and familyand embark on a culinary journey at this delicious event.

Las Vegas Food and Wine Festival

For the ultimate gastronomic experience, the Food and Wine Festival in Las Vegas is a must. Held at the Palms Casino Resort, this festival showcases top chefs and restaurants, luxury spirits and wine brands, and other partners.

Treat yourself to an extravagant tasting and let yourself be spoiled by the best cuisine and the best drinks that the culinary world has to offer.

Artistic inspirations

The 15 Best Las Vegas Festivals (by Locals!) for 2023 (4)

Las Vegas also offers a wealth of artistic and creative experiences through a variety of festivals, such as the Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival, the Summerlin Festival of Arts, and the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival. These events showcase art in various forms and provide a platform for local and international artists to share their talents with the community.

Whether you are an art lover or just want to explore your creative side, these festivals offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of art and experience the beauty of human expression.

Festival of music and art Life is beautiful

Immerse yourself in a world where music, art and local businesses come together at the Life is Beautiful Music and Arts Festival. It takes place in several blocksDowntown Las VegasIn the region, this multi-day event includes incredible live music, stunning art installations and immersive experiences that engage all your senses.

With an impressive lineup of acts including Billie Eilish, Green Day and Chance The Rapper, Life is Beautiful is a must-see on the Las Vegas festival scene.

Summerlin Arts Festival

Discover the beauty of the visual arts at the Summerlin Festival of Arts, an outdoor arts festival in downtown Summerlin. With a diverse selection of artwork from over 100 artists, there is plenty to admire and be inspired by.

The festival also includes live music, delicious food and entertainment for a well-rounded experience that engages all the senses.

Festival stripa Vegas Valley

Celebrate the power of the written word at the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival, a free all-day event dedicated to the world of comics. With a program that includes comics, cosplay, workshops and a yard sale, this festival offers a unique experience for comic book fans and writers alike.

Unleash your inner superhero and immerse yourself in the world of illustrated storytelling at this immersive event.

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Unique experiences

The 15 Best Las Vegas Festivals (by Locals!) for 2023 (5)

Las Vegas also offers a number of unique experiences that you won't find anywhere else. From the mesmerizing meditation and sound baths at the Las Vegas Water Lantern Festival to the enchanting lantern release at the Rise Lantern Festival, these events offer a truly unforgettable experience.

For music lovers with a penchant for something a little different, the Holo Holo Music Festival offers a mix of reggae and Hawaiian influences that will transport you to a tropical paradise. Don't miss the opportunity to create lasting memories at these unique events.

Water Lantern Festival in Las Vegas

Find inner peace and serenity at the Las Vegas Water Lantern Festival, where visitors decorate and throw lanterns on the water in a beautiful and serene setting. This family-friendly event also features food trucks, music and morefun activitiesto enjoy.

Connect with loved ones and experience a moment of peace in the middle of the city bustle.

Rise Lantern Festival

The 15 Best Las Vegas Festivals (by Locals!) for 2023 (6)

Experience a beautiful light show at the Rise Lantern Festival, held in the Mojave Desert, 25 miles south of Las Vegas. Thousands of biodegradable lanterns were released into the sky, creating a magical and enchanting experience that celebrates life and hope.

With music and art adding to the enchanting atmosphere, this event is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Hall Musikfestival Hall

Experience the Aloha spirit at the Holo Holo Music Festival, a fantastic reggae music festival with a strong Hawaiian influence. Taking place on May 6th and 7th, 2023 at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, this event features a variety of artists that will make you feel like you've been transported to the islands.

So get ready to sway to the rhythm of the music and experience a taste of paradise at this unique festival.

My parting words

In short, Las Vegas offers much more than casinos and extravagant shows. The city offers a diverse selection of festivals that cater to all interests, from music and food to art, culture and unique experiences. With so many amazing events to choose from, there's no better time than now to plan your visit and immerse yourself in the unforgettable world of Las Vegas festivals. See you there!

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Festival of Lovers and Friends held?

Get ready for a weekend of music as the Lovers & Friends Festival takes place on Saturday, May 6th at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds! This open-air venue in Winchester, Nevada offers spectacular performances all day and night from noon to midnight.

Don't miss your chance for a fun musical experience in Las Vegas!

Is EDC Las Vegas the biggest festival?

Yes, EDC Las Vegas is the largest festival of its kind! Started in 1991 as a small party in a warehouse, it has since grown exponentially and now takes place in North America, Mexico, Orlando, Los Angeles, Denver, Puerto Rico, Dallas, New York, Chicago, London, Brazil, India, Japan. Shanghai, Guangdong (China) and Korea.

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It is truly a global event that is visited by millions of people every year. EDC Las Vegas is a celebration of music, art and culture.

Is it the Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas?

Experience the best of Las Vegas at Life is Beautiful, a three-day festival celebrating music, food, art, comedy and learning in downtown Vegas. It is an amazing experience not to be missed!


What is Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas? ›

Life is Beautiful is an annual festival celebrating music, food, art, comedy, and learning held in downtown Las Vegas. It started in 2013 as a three-day event and is now one of the world's largest festivals.

What is the day N Vegas festival? ›

Day N Vegas is a hip hop music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hip hop culture has taken over the world, and this festival is your one stop shop to see the most influential names in the business.

How many people can go to Las Vegas Festival Grounds? ›

Spanning nearly 40 acres and accommodating up to 80,000 fans for an event, the Las Vegas Festival Grounds boasts enough room for stage, outodoor pavilions, food, beverge and retail vendors, 400 permanent restrooms and a 7.5-acre dedicated trnasportation area.

What festival in Vegas has system of a down? ›

SYSTEM OF A DOWN played its first concert of 2023 last night (Saturday, May 13) at the Sick New World festival on the Las Vegas Festival Grounds in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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